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Wholesale 批發

Finding and acquiring consistent food products can be quite a challenge. When certain products aren't available at your preferred distributor, Alpha Prime Foods selections make it possible for you to get all frozen foods you need, whenever you need them, at your designated location.

As one of Hong Kong's leading frozen food distributors, you can always count on us to supply consistent food products at a very low cost. If you need a year-round supply, our frozen wholesale packages ensure your restaurant, supermarket or facility kitchen has everything it requires.

With Alpha Prime Food, you can get access to the best products from around the globe, and request them whenever you need it and we will supply on time.

Here is a list of wholesale services that you and your business can expect from us:

Supply High Quality Products of Different Grades: Looking for the highest quality of beef quality, we supply the very best grades of meat such as Premium grade Japanese Wagyu beef and USDA Prime Beef.

Deliver Any Products for A Wide Array of Restaurant Types: Does your restaurant serve local and international food; we supply all kinds of food products such as French, Western, Chinese, Middle East, South East Asian style and local style cuisines.

Global Network for all Food Types around the World: We are well connected with food providers across the world. With a global network that sources Sashimi grade seafood from Japan; Iberico pork and Carabineros from Spain; Lamb from New Zealand; Wagyu grade beef from Japan, Australia and USA; king crabs from Alaska and many more; we are 100% confident in our abilities to supply any food products you need.