Butchering 屠宰服務

Alpha Prime Food is also a custom wholesale and retail butcher shop that specialises in imported meat; this includes everything from beef, pork to chicken and sea food. With our award winning butchers on site and available to work, we supply the very best and freshest produce in steaks, slices, cubed or any preferred form or shape.

Rest assured, we only cut up grass-fed beef, clean pork, healthy seafood and organic chicken for your grocery retail, supermarket wholesale or restaurant dining purposes. We promise an unbeatable value when it comes to butchery service. Our butchers are properly vetted for expertise; with each professional carefully performing quality inspections on meat grinders, knives, saws and other tools.

We also make use of thoroughly-sanitized butcher block countertops, when cutting frozen meat into sizeable and smaller portions, based on client requirements. With Alpha Prime Foods, you can be rest assured that we adhere to national food safety legislations and sanitation controls, even when coordinating pickups or deliveries.

Alpha Prime Food也是一家定制的批發和零售肉店,專門經營進口肉類;這包括從牛肉、豬肉到雞肉和海鮮的一切。我們獲獎的屠夫在現場工作,為您提供最好和最新鮮的產品,包括牛排、切片、切塊或任何喜歡的形式或形狀。


我們還利用經過徹底消毒的肉塊檯面,並根據客戶的要求,將凍肉切成大小不等的份量。Alpha Prime Foods絕對遵守國家食品安全立法和衛生控制,甚至在協調取貨或送貨時也是如此,所以您絕對可以放心食用。