Packaging 包裝服務

At Alpha Prime Foods, we understand that our customers want convenience. When we supply frozen food, we ensure it arrives ready to mince, cook and dish. In fact, we ensure that our frozen food is packaged in such a way that it retains its healthy qualities. We understand that proper packaging can significantly prolong the shelf life of the meat we provide. Therefore, we put in the extra work to supply our frozen food in exquisite self-cooling packaging.

With convenient designs that protect against transit vibrations and temperature change, our frozen food packaging comes in quality materials such as vacuum seal, vacuum skin pack, and display bags that satisfy our retail customers needs adequately.

More importantly; we design beautiful packaging that instantly captures the attention of retail buyers. Our experts understand the need for big retail stores to have attractive product packaging that sells considerably well, at first glance. With our exquisitely designed packaging, you don’t have to worry about marketing appeal; our meat products come in attractive packets that make customers spend big.

Alpha Prime Foods 明白客戶需要的是方便。當我們提供冷凍食品時,我們確保它到達時已剁碎、烹飪和裝在碟子上。公司亦確保我們的冷凍食品是以這樣的方式包裝的,以保持其健康品質。我們明白適當的包裝可以大大延長我們提供的肉類的保質期。因此,我們付出了額外的努力,用精緻的自冷包裝來供應我們的冷凍食品。